The African Dream 

Founded By

Mohamed Kamal Abd Al Hady Hassan
is an Andover of

over 30 years of development, planning and innovation 
backed By over 300 scientists all over the world 
Our cutting Edge technology in every field helps Us
Turn adversity into Advantage. 

The  impact Compactor.

The impact Compactor

Dwarfs its competition

(traditional ways of compacting) 

With Impact compaction 

We can impact the earth

as deep as 900mm

in contrast conventional compaction typically limits the depth of layers

to 300mm or less

with this higher densities achieved through impact Compaction 

Their is greater reduction

in the void ratio in the impacted earth thus reducing the air in

the soil And moving

relatively fast between

11 and 14 kilo meters per hour 

They easily out pace

the competition Which move in about 1.5 to 4 KM per hour 

Making the Impact compactor 
The Fastest and most Efficient way 
to impact roads.

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16 (Medium)

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FIDICO to Develop 1000 New Viable Communities 

In Africa 

5 Types of  Communities will be Developed 

Agro-Industrial Communities 

Fishing Communities 

Mining Communities 

Touristic Communities

Free Trade Zone Communities

 Every Community Will Have 50 
Enlightenment, Heath care, Education 

And Economic centers 

Those Projects will Be carried out 

And finished in the Next 7 Years 

And will be sold to the African population 
At 0 down payment 

and long term 10 years payment plan 

The African Dream Academy 
And Media Production City 

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