Projects, Industrial
Development & Investment CO.


PIDICO has invested more than 280 million dollars 
in the Agriculture sector in Namibia
This being the biggest investment project since

Namibia's independence 

And has created more than 4000 jobs 

The Minister of trade and industry has said 
"The PIDICO project is one of the Major investments in Namibia since independence 

and is going to revolutionize our culture"

The Vice president of PIDICO Cecil Daves 
Has said on The  Namibian news 
"PIDICO is a very unusual company Basically 
we are a group of individuals who came together 
to create the opportunity to realize our innovative 
potential, we basically realized a

environment were we are able to use our inventors,

engineers and scientists  to be able to utilize their talents"

PIDICO was only 3 years old when it had offices in London Johannesburg, Egypt Mozambique and Australia 

PIDICO takes a holistic view on the environment 
before any work is done 

PIDICO has created Health care, Education, Free trade zone, and has created more than 4000 jobs

Executive chair man Mohamed Hassan refused to comment on how much the celebrations has coasted 
But it is estimated it has costed more than

2 Million dollars 

HE, President chisano When asked about PIDICO

he said

" PIDICO applied to establish a Free Trade zone 
and there was  no other Application 
so we approved it and it was a huge success"