Who We Are

From humble beginnings to

the world's Leading Investment and development Company in 14 Different fields 

Al Halal Founded in  1955 
As a small printing  Co
and art studio

By Kamal Abd Al Hady Hassan,

under the leadership of his son 
Mohamed Kamal Abd Al Hady Hassan. 

would on go To become Egypt's

biggest investment company 
with over 4000 employees

and over 14 different fields

Ranging from Farming and agriculture

to Egypt's Biggest

and most technologically advanced printing company  
Al Halal undoubtedly Is one of the Most Impressive And innovative  

Companies of its Time 

Having accomplished Projects Like 


• The First Magna scan equipment for printing and color separation

(Scan, Laser, Computer)

in Africa & Middle East

Cultivation 7000 acres and 700 greenhouse in Nubareya-Egypt

The Largest Farming project To date 

Africa & Middle East


First youth camp for private sector in Al-Amal City (7000 Youth)

Largest Employment of the Youth To date In Egypt 


• The first agro-industrial community, housing and services for Egyptian youth (Al-Amal City)

• Design of a comprehensive development project for Egypt (325 Billion Dollars), doesn’t cost the Egyptian Government 1 cent

Al Halal would later on  

evolve into Al Halal Group

to Accommodate the company's Vast 
investments in many fields

and would become the highest Tax paying company in Egypt's History 
with a estimated net worth of

over 400 million dollars.